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Tagged by anna781 THANKS WALLACE

[ Appearance ]

>> Name: Cristal/Chris
>> Age: 15
>> Gender: Female/male(genderfluid)
>> Sexual / Romantic orientation: I'm super gay!
>> Height: i think I'm 5'6
>> Hair color: Dark brown with a redish tinge(cause I've dyed it so many times)
>> Favorite feature: Nothing.... nah jokes! i guess my eyes?

[ Home Life ]

>> Parents' Marital Status: divorced
>> State/Area You Live In: New South Whales
>> What Does Your Room Look Like? at my moms place it quite messy and small but has a lot of figurines, books, manga, pictures and shit on the walls(ANIME) and at my dads its sorta empty and messy cause i just moved
>> Favorite food: sushi and dumplings
>> When do you usually go to sleep? normally between 11pm and 2am(i have a horrible sleeping schedule)

[ Right Now ]

>> Listening to: Mr Brightside remix
>> Eating: nothing(i had a mars bar earlier)
>> Wearing: a t-shirt and shorts
>> Talking to: No one 
>> Feeling: really tired
>> Happy about: sleep and school holidays
>> Sad about: school, its shit, and it makes me feel shittier

[ Favorites ]

>> Song: at the moment its Mr Brightside remix [link] , and This is What it Feels like [link]
>> Person: terezi-pimp-pyrope 
>> Member of your family: my mum and sister
>> Animal: hedgehogs! 
>> Thing to wear: shorts and baggy shirt
>> Day of the week: saturday! i get to rest
>> Thing to do: draw, watch anime, watch youtube.
>> Drink: Coke, iced tea and coffee
>> Thing about yourself: I'm not sure, maybe my humour???
>> Thing to talk about: anime! or just random shit

[ Love Life ]

>> Crushing currently? yep
>> Longest crush you've ever had? The crush i have at the moment has been going on for almost two years(I NEED HELP)
>> First kiss: never kissed anyone XD
>> Last person you kissed?: NEVER
>> Describe your crush: The most beautiful person in the world, I'm absolutely smitten with her

[ Have You Ever... ]

>> Bungee jumped: nope
>> Gone skinny dipping: nah
>> Smoked: never
>> Drank: yep! i like champagne
>> Done drugs: weed, once, that's all I'll say
>> Self harmed: I'd rather not say
>> Cried of joy: YEP, THAT'S ANIME SON
>> Been to the beach: yep, i despise it
>> Skipped school: Not really 
>> Been suspended or expelled: NAH I WOULD BE DEAD
>> Been on TV: NOPE
>> Made someone cry: I don't think so but if i did i would feel horrible
>> Fallen in love: YEP






stitchlover123's Profile Picture
Chris De Vendra
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

I'm Chris
I'm 15
i like to draw and I'd like to become an animator

Yes I realized my username is stupid, I was 12 okay? shush

I post all my art on Tumblr my account name is: satoshini

i am welcome to request so please don't hesitate :)

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